ZZZlist FAQs

Q: Why is this site called "ZZZlist"?

A: The letter Z is the least used letter in the English alphabet yet still essential to our language. In this case, the letter Z represents many of the  celebrities featured on our site - we often don't hear much about them,  and they might not be "A list" at the moment, but there is no denying that they play a small yet  important role in pop culture.   


Q: How do you define a ZZZlist celebrity?

A: We consider all subjects on a case-by-case basis. In general, we are interested in people who might not be household names but at have touched the lives of the masses at some point. Their fame could stem from outlets such as television, movie, music, internet, political, literary, crime, etc.


Q: How do you find these celebrities?

A: They are everywhere! All you need to do is look for them. One time I ran into Bart Braverman on the LA metro. See how easy it is?


Q: Why do you have your celebrities pose holding up a sign that says "ZZZlist"?

A: Unlike most celebrity interviews, we conduct the majority of our Q&A via email. As a result, we don't have audio recordings to rely on for verification purposes. This means that photo verification is the best way for us to document our content as an endorsement by the actual celebrity. But seriously, I just like to have them do it for promotional purposes.


Q: I know someone who is ZZZlist material. How can this person contact you?

A: Email is the best way to contact us.


Q: How do you verify celebrity credentials?

A: A quick internet background check is a good way to verify credentials. We also check sources and references as best as we can.