ZZZlist Celebs


Goodfella Henry Hill's Reddit Interview - Video
My good friend Henry Hill does a special interview for the folks at Reddit. Shaddap and watch it!!

Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette
Podcast Hosts/Celebrity Volunteers for the Homeless
These two friends host a podcast called "Uhh Yeah Dude" available on iTunes. If you haven't heard the show, you need to get to stepping because these guys are on the verge of becoming huge.  I can't get enough of them!

Jack Grisham
Jack is a beautiful person all around. What makes him so awesome is not just because he was the lead singer for the Southern California punk band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty), but he also ran for governor of California against Ahhhnold Terminegger.

Henry Hill
Henry Hill is an ex-mobster and good friend of mine turned FBI informant. He was portrayed by Ray Liotta in the movie "Goodfellas".

Rudy Ray Moore/Dolemite  
Rudy Ray Moore is a singer turned comedian who created 1970's blaxploitation films featuring himself as DOLEMITE and Petey Wheatstraw.

SXSW 2008
Music Event
I went to the South by Southwest event in Austin on Friday 3/14/2008 to do a print article on a band called The Sword. I wasn't impressed so I not to write the print article. But the trip wasn't a complete waste... read about it here.

Big Tone
Internet Celebrity/Radio Host/Advice Columnist
This filipino madman hates gays, democrats, and tagolog. He's a You Tube celebrity, part of the Bob Freeman crew, and popular guest of ZZZlist ZZZcast - the official podcast of ZZZlist.com! Check out his new ZZZlist advice column! Send him a question!

George Hurley - COMING SOON!!
Legendary drummer from fIREHOSE and Minutemen. His drumming style is often described as powerful, frenetic, and unpredictable, and is often credited as an inspiration to punk music fans and musicians alike. Oh and we happen to be related. Fucking sue me!

Roky Erickson - COMING SOON!!
The godfather of 60's psychedelic rock. A living legend. If you don't know who this man or the 13th Floor Elevators are, then you aren't cool enough to click on the link.

Bob Freeman - COMING SOON!!
Internet Celebrity/Radio Host
Freeman and his entourage are Youtube celebrities and some of his best material is focused around his best friend and functional retard, a Filipino called "Big Tone". Freeman, 29, has vowed to commit suicide if he does not receive a national radio show by the time he's 30.




Kool Keith
This musical dichotomy is a rapper and founder of the group Ultramagnetic MSs. At a point in his early career, he was institutionalized in Bellevue, but he's back now, and crazy as ever.  

Ian Mackaye
Musician/Owner of Dischord Records
Ian has been the frontman of many bands, including Minor Threat, Fugazi, Embrace, and more recently The Evens. I actually got to see Fugazi in the early 90's at the Hollywood Palladium, and have always been of the opinion that this band had "Nirvana" potential.

Kid Congo Powers
This incredible musician has been in about a billion of my favorite bands, including Gun Club, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Dexter Romweber
In my opinion, the band The White Stripes got big by lifting from Romweber's band "Flat Duo Jets". He and his sister Sara currently perform under the name "Dexter Romweber Duo".

Diamanda Galas
Performance Artist/Musician
Galas is an amazing pianist and vocalist. Unfortunately not many people have heard of her. Her 1994 album "The Sporting Life" with John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) is nothing short of brilliant.

Billy Childish
This dyslexic, anti-social artist, poet, and songwriter is highly requested by ZZZlist readers. Since he has no phone or internet and lives in England, he'll be a tough acquisition. I'd suck a dick for one of his paintings.

Daniel Johnston
Johnston is an artist and musician and is also highly requested by ZZZlist readers. His songs have been recorded by artists such as Wilco, fIREHOSE, Yo La Tengo, Tom Waits, and Pearl Jam. There are so many reasons that he is ZZZlist material, but I think the coolest thing he ever did was to get arrested while on tour with Sonic Youth for drawing the jesus fish on the wall inside of the Statue of Liberty.

Art Clokey
Art pioneered "stop-motion clay animation" and Gumby was born! Clokey is also responsible for the popular claymation series "Davey and Goliath".

Randy Constan (Peter Pan)
Internet Celebrity
This guy has been dressing up like a fairy since back when I was first on the net and things like this were still shocking to me. He is an internet legend!

Charlie Louvin
Charlie and his brother Ira were a singing duo known as "The Louvin Brothers" who sang warped gospel/country music. Ira was killed in a car accident in his forties. Charlie is still kicking it around somewhere.

John Cameron Mitchell
He wrote a play about a gender-challenged singer who was the victim of molestation, plagiarism, oppression, and a fucked-up sex change operation. And he pulled it off uncontrivedly. Is that a word? You know what I mean!